The Sea Pool at Bude was created in the 1930s to provide a haven for safe swimming for the people of the town and the thousands of people who visit it each year.

The pool nestles under the cliffs on the north Cornwall coast and is topped up twice a day by the waves of the Atlantic. On a summer’s day the sprawling, sparkling expanse of the Sea Pool offers a blissful opportunity to escape from modern life and to laze, splash or bathe in calm sea water. It is a rare kind of construction: partially man-made and in harmony with the natural environment.  Bude Sea Pool provides a precious opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, close to the ferocity of the natural environment but sheltered from its extreme effects.

Following funding cutbacks, the Sea Pool faces an uncertain future. The Friends of Bude Sea Pool was formed in early 2011 to secure the Pool’s future under local management.

Please explore this site to find out more about Bude’s Sea Pool, and to find out how you can help to keep it open for future generations to enjoy.

Membership Costs

You can pay by card online (there is a small extra charge for online payments to go towards our web hosting costs).

Or you can download a membership form and pay by cheque or standing order.

Or you can send a payment from your bank account to ours: please email us for details.

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